Our company was born in 1988 from a great idea: apply to the field of textile, and in particular to the management of automation, the knowledge acquired by the partners in other highly technical fields.

That idea was immediately well received on the market and, within a short time, we grew. In all directions.
Wegrew in size by keeping faithful clients, offering jobs, moving our headquarter. But above all, we developed a working method whereby scientific research and the quest for concrete solutions keep each other going. Indeed, since 1988 many things have progressed.

All things changed, but one: the management that led us to where we are now.

Thema 2


When philosophy matches the concrete, it becomes a method. Our working method has always been based on principles of ability, efficiency and responsibility. We take special care in selecting our staff, as winning ideas stem from thinking heads. Thema 2 is composed of 25 thinking and motivated heads, which work every day to guarantee quality, speed and innovation to its Clients. Our team is in fast expansion, our competences in continuous evolution.

Thema 2