Thema System OPEN HOUSE 2021


During the event the major Thema System products will be showcased, including:

- RA VISION 24 instrument equipped with 24 simultaneous reading stations for fully automated quality checks of POY, FOY, HTY and even DTY spinning bobbins, with high processing speed;

- RA VISION tool suitable for total quality control of single POY, FOY, HTY and textured DTY bobbins, fully automated;

- ARA COLOR tool for checking any chromatic differences for dopedyed/spindyed bobbins or liquid-dyed yarns;

- LDCS tool for checking the density, net weight and diameter of textured bobbins, twisted bobbins and soft bobbins to be dyed;

In the same occasion IGH Company, partner of Thema System, will show the machines for automatic handling of the POY, FOY and HTY spinning bobbins from the spinning take-up winders, to the quality controls and up to the warehouse.